Fiji Rugby Hawaiian Shirt Coconut Sporty Vibes – Black K8


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Fiji Rugby Hawaiian Shirt Coconut Sporty Vibes – Black K8
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Fiji Rugby Hawaiian Shirt Coconut Sporty Vibes – Black K8

Fiji Rugby Hawaiian Shirt Coconut Sporty Vibes – Black K8
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A Hawaiian shirt is a breezy, summer essential – Perfect for trips to wear on vacation to tropical destinations.

  • Material: 100% woven polyester fabric offers outstanding durability, insulation, and wrinkle resistance. This lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric is perfect to keep you cool during the summer.
  • Simple and comfortable button closure makes it easy to style and layer with other trendy items.
  • Signature open Cuban collar with short sleeve and relaxed fit looks casual and fashionable.
  • The color of our custom aloha shirts could be slightly different on the screen than in real life.

Short-sleeve Hawaiian Shirt is great to mix and match with shorts, jeans, or layer with other items to complement your outfits.

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